A New Era Begins

Wednesdays are considered very auspicious beginnings for important undertakings. Today, Wednesday, July 22, 2015 seems like just another Wednesday, but for the devotees of Lord Krishna here in Northern New Jersey it is a day of monumental importance.

Several large vehicles and construction machines descended upon the parcel of land at 180 Troy Road to start the clearing of brush, dead trees and extra vegetation to prepare the grounds for the future home of the new Hare Krishna Temple - ISKCON of Parsippany.

The weather was perfect and Mother Earth seemed joyous. She is, after all, considered the consort of Lord Vishnu and nothing is more pleasing to her than to see her land being used in His direct glorification. The workers moved deftly and within just a few hours managed to clear a good portion of the 3.2 acre wooded parcel.

This project is certainly an ambitious one. A multi-million dollar budget can be daunting, but the devotees of the Lord have kept faith that, as promised in the Gita, Sri Krishna will carry what is lacking. Finally more than six years after having acquired the land, tangible work has started on the project and has already begun to remove doubts from the minds of the reality of this project. It is indeed happening–right before our eyes.

By the generous contributions of our congregational devotees we have raised nearly 1.5 million dollars in pledges over just a few weeks and the momentum continues to grow daily as the fortunate people of New Jersey see the vision unfolding before them.

If you are in the area, please go and visit the site at the corner of Troy and Baldwin Roads in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Also visit our current temple at 100 Jacksonville Road, Towaco, New Jersey.  Open daily and especially for our weekly Free Sunday Love Feast at 5:30pm every Sunday.

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