In 1981, the first ISKCON center in New Jersey was started at our current facility located in Towaco as a non-profit 501(c3) corporation. It is a beautiful building sitting atop a lush green hill framed in picturesque surroundings. For more than thirty years, this temple has served as a beacon of Krishna consciousness for New Jersey and devotees come from many miles away to partake of its spiritual offerings.

Once a state senator’s mansion, this building was constructed some 115 years ago.  Portions of it were begun in 1896.

Although very beautiful, due to its design it does not function optimally as a house of worship. The main temple room is very small and does not accomodate all attendees during larger programs. 

As our congregation has grown over the years we continue to face the limitations of a small space, inadequate kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as proper parking.

With the passage of time, the maintenance of an already aging building become challenging and more expensive each year. Moving to a new facility became inevitable.

The new temple design resolves the many functional challenges that the current facility has faced and will allow a healthy growth of a strong spiritual community for generations to come.