Here is a sample of the more than 600 ISKCON temples around the world.  With Lord Krishna's grace and your participation, we hope to create a similarly beautiful temple in Parsippany, New Jersey. 


Septon/durbuy, BELGIUM

One of ISKCON's most famous centers in Europe is a former château turned into a Krishna temple with a Vedic college and gallery of Krishna conscious art. 



Mayapur is ISKCON's world headquarters, where it is currently building The Temple of the Vedic Planetarium.  When completed, it will be among the largest temples ever built.



The temple in Juhu, Mumbai is perhaps ISKCON's most popular.  It is listed as a top 5 destination in India's most famous city and visited by some 800,000 people on Janmastami, Lord Krishna's birth anniversary.

WATFORD, United Kingdom

ISKCON's center located outside of London, known as "Bhaktivedanta Manor," was donated by a member of the Beatles, George Harrison.  It is the most visited Hindu temple outside of India. 


ISKCON's temple in Durban, South Africa is the most popular Hindu temple in the continent of Africa.

Vrindavan, India

Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir is one of ISKCON's flagship temples located in Lord Krishna's birthplace, Sri Vrindavan Dham.

New Delhi, India

ISKCON's temple in India's capital was inaugurated by then Prime Minster, Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.