This temple is a labor of love and we humbly request you to become involved in this endeavor.  

All talents and resources are welcome–community members with skills in architecture, design, engineering, construction, publicity, administration, or with access to construction materials.  Of course, your financial support is of great importance.  Below are six ways that you can get involved.



Your financial generosity is greatly appreciated.  Sponsor as many square feet as possible, sponsor a room or sponsor a component.



This temple is a labor of love. Give your time by helping in one of dozens of ways (e.g., maintain newsletter, offer professional services).

Fill out the Volunteer Form →



Spread the message about this project to family, friends and co-workers.  Encourage them to get involved in one of these ways.  Pick up a few copies of our brochure.

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Pledge a substantial financial contribution and pay it over several years.  Your financial generosity is greatly appreciated.  

Complete a Pledge Form →



Know someone who may be either willing to offer construction services or materials at cost or someone who may be able to help financially?




Please pray often: "Our dear Lord Krishna, If You so desire, please give us the privilege to construct this temple for You and the community." Send us your prayer and we will print and offer it in front of Lord Krishna.  

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